21Y 3M
8lbs. 13oz.
Cat Next Door

She is the grande dame of cats and her name is Beatrice. She is a beautiful all black lady who is looking for a home filled with love. Beatrice isn't feeling her usual beautiful self at the moment since she has had much of her fur shaved off. It will grow back shortly and then she will be her stunning self again. Beatrice loves to purr and chat. She is very content lounging next to her human for cuddles. She won't ask for much, just a soft pillow to sleep on and some yummy food for dinner. Throw in a sunny window and you will make her day. She is currently not at the shelter, because she is in a temporary foster home. Talk to shelter staff about ways to meet her.

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Meet one of our Fospice animals—an SF SPCA shelter animal with a terminal, non-contagious condition. While the animal is not suffering, its medical condition and poor prognosis prevent us from seeking adoptive homes.

While Fospice animals legally remain SF SPCA animals—with all food and medical costs covered—Fospice parents take the animal into their home, provide daily care, and enable the animal to live and die with dignity in a loving environment.

To learn more, please visit our Fospice page.

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